Easipay metres for police houses

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary is now conforming to a government directive specifically requesting for state agencies to reduce utility bills by installing Easipay metres in all police-owned houses.

Assistant Commissioner in-charge-of-logistics, Tony Duwang, said to conform to this government directive, the Constabulary is now installing Easipay metres in NCD and some parts of the country.

The directive in the 2011 Budget is being constantly reproduced by the Department of Treasury and administratively circulated in what is termed as a Non-Financial Instruction (NFI) to respective government departments, calling for the implementation of cost cutting measures.

The NFI issued to the police department calls for the reduction of excessive arrears and utility bills incurred by water and electricity consumption and usage.

ACP Duwang said of the 4,132 institutional houses owned by the Police Department, 201 now have Easipay metres and  the roll out is being implemented progressively across the nation.

He said in conformity with the NFI, a total of 84 institutional houses constructed between 2013 and 2018 in some parts of the country were installed with Easipay metres before they were allocated to members of the Constabulary.

Most of these installations were made in Yonki, Kainantu, Goroka, Henganofi and Asaro in Eastern Highlands Province, Kudjip in Jiwaka Province, Kimininga and Kagamuga, in the Western Highlands Province, Kaupena in Southern Highlands and the Morata and Evadahana barracks in NCD.

Duwang said contractors engaged by the Constabulary are now beginning to install meters in all barracks’ accommodation in NCD.

He said this would include the 185 houses at the Waigani Games Barracks, 95 units at the Bagita Barracks, 12 units at the Samin Barracks, 62 units at Kila barracks, 26 units at Geno barracks, 96 units at Tasion Barracks, 57 units at Morata barracks, 37 units at Tokam barracks, 181 units at Gordon barracks, 21 units at Evadahana barracks, 156 units at McGregor barracks and 150 units at the Bomana Police College.

“The cost of this roll out exercise for NCD is estimated at K3,442,450 while installations for barracks within the Lae Metropolitan Command is estimated at K874,867.36.”

Last year the Constabulary’s accumulated debt in power consumption rose to K9.3 million, ACP Duwang said, adding that these outstanding arrears were referred to the Treasury Department to be settled.

He thanked PNG Power and the Department of Finance and Treasury for partnering with the Constabulary towards ensuring the smooth and efficient implementation of this roll out exercise.

“Once all institutional houses across the nation are wired-up to the Easipay system, the Constabulary should begin to see some huge reductions in the overall costs for electricity, thereby freeing up the limited police resources to cater for the Constabulary’s core function in protecting and serving the people of PNG.”

(Assistant Commissioner in-charge-of-logistics, Tony Duwang)

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