Earthquake casualties unconfirmed

The number of confirmed casualties following this morning’s 7.5 magnitude earthquake cannot be disclosed at the moment as the disaster office and relevant provincial governments prepare to send out assessment teams.

This was revealed in a press conference today, with representatives from provincial governments including member for Komo-Margarima, Manasseh Makiba, Governor for Gulf Chris Haiveta and National Disaster Office director, Marty Mose.

Director Mose stated that a team will be sent tomorrow to assess the situation and give accurate reports on the aftermath of the earthquake.

This team also includes a platoon from the PNG Defence Force.

He said this is a national matter that requires immediate attention.

Gulf Governor Haiveta said the earthquake also affected the Gulf area, especially the Gali River.

Makiba said they will do all they can to deal with this situation, as this is the first time a disaster with such a magnitude has occurred.

Both the Governor and the members also raised concerns that now more than ever, they will be needing funds to address this matter.

(A landslip at Western Province, which was triggered by this morning’s earthquake)

Imelda Wavik