Earthquake assessments underway

A team representing the government is on ground in Madang to visit the epicenter of the earthquake that shook Madang Province over the weekend.

Defence Minister, Win Daki, was just in Madang, along with defence personnel, to discuss the extent of damages.

Accompanying them were Members of Parliament for Bogia, Middle Ramu, Rai Coast, Madang Governor Ramsey Pariwa and vital stakeholders.

Minister Daki’s team will head out to Rai Coast today to capture damages caused by the series of earthquakes and tremors. The group arrived in Madang late Monday and spent the next day in meetings with stakeholders on how much resources will be needed to address the devastation.

Stakeholders came from the health and education sectors, the provincial disaster office, police, PNG Power Ltd, Water PNG and Digicel PNG Ltd.

Minister Daki was informed that services restored were mostly in the town area. Therefore, an assessment is needed immediately because communication services in the impact areas were disrupted.

PNG Power reported that it restored 60% of power to impact areas, while Water PNG awaits the full restoration of power to turn on taps.

Education Director John Ura reported that there has been no communication with his teachers in impact areas, since Saturday. Madang Provincial Health Authority CEO, Fidelis Waipma said there were no major incident reports or casualties from other districts. Since Saturday, the tally of those injured during the earthquake remains at five, two of whom sustained serious injuries.

Minister for Labor and Member for Rai Coast, Kessy Sawang urged a site visit to her people in the Finisterre Range as they are seriously affected by earthquakes from past experience.

While Minister Daki and other MPs have returned to Port Moresby for parliament sitting, the site visiting team, which includes Defense personnel, UNDP and the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management, carry out assessments today. Taking the lead is the Madang Provincial Disaster Office.

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