DSIP to continue until Return of Writs

District Service Improvement Program funds and District Support Grants (DSG) can still be utilized until the return of writs after elections.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this in parliament today after he was asked by the member for Kavieng, Ben Micah to explain, as many assumed that an Mp’s term in parliament ends at the issue of writs.

Micah also sought answers from the prime minister on Section 27 of the Ombudsman Commission act that calls for all project funds to be frozen until after elections in order to avoid abuse.

To this, O’Neill said members of parliament going to elections, does not mean services should also be hibernated until after elections.

He said services need to continue even if the sitting member is going for elections and these funds should still be accessed unless off course there is an abuse and the Ombudsman Commission sees the need to intervene.

The Prime Minister also said each member is given K250,000 as discretionary fund under the DSG program and said this money is available at their discretion.

However, the service improvement funds he said are managed and controlled by the District Development Authorities and not members of parliament, thus it will continue to be used even during elections so services can continue.

On that note, he told the members that some DSIP funds will be paid over the course of the coming weeks.