Drunk Landowner Driver Arrested

A driver of a vehicle belonging to Basamuk landowners was arrested for driving under the influence of liquor and causing injuries to his passenger in an accident at Gum Primary School, last night.

Madang police who attended to the incident have confirmed that five passengers of the vehicle were rushed to the Modilon General Hospital to seek treatment, while the driver and a passenger were unharmed. Police also searched the vehicle and found beer cans.

According to police, the driver was taken to the police station and detained to sober up for questioning before any charges can be made.

Assistance Commissioner of Police (ACP) Northern region, Peter Guinness, is concern about the continuous traffic accidents along the highways within his command and called on drivers to refrain from drinking alcohol when driving.

“We have only one life and drivers when driving must think of the passengers that are with you in the vehicle.  Last month, a vehicle carrying betelnut bags went off the road killing two people. The other one happened at Watarise where a woman was killed and there are others I am yet to confirm.”

He thanked the police officers who responded to the traffic accident at Gum quickly, because many vehicles involved in accidents were burnt or their parts removed.

Sylvester Wemuru