Drugs openly sold

Though marijuana (cannabis) is illegal in PNG, it is still the most commonly used illicit drug.

A 2006 research by the University of Queensland, Australia, reported an alarming increase in the level of cannabis abuse and recommended a range of strategies to prevent adverse physical and mental health consequences associated with cannabis smoking.

Over a decade later, the cultivation, production and selling of the illegal drug has now become a regular job for a number of men, youths and even women.

Recent reports and pictures have shown the drugs being openly sold within market areas in parts of the Highlands region.

Kaiwe market in Mt Hagen is one such hotspot that allows people to sell this illegal drug in public.

Some vendors have even resorted to putting rolls or packs of marijuana on the ‘market table’ along with cigarettes and betelnut.  

The prices range from K2 to K10 packs.

Unfortunately for the police, this act is in outright defiance of the law as the possession of cannabis is illegal in accordance with national narcotics legislation, including the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Although law enforcers work day in, day out to curb such issues, there are individuals who would go to great lengths to earn easy cash.

Police are however on ground to do their best to put an end to what they have described as a syndicate.

(Picture supplied)

Imelda Wavik