Drug laws too lenient

A Senior Education Officer at the National Youth Development Authority, says the possession of and abuse of drugs is the top offense amongst young people with many of them serving time behind bars.

Lawrence Tau who is also an advocator against drugs and substance abuse says the current drug laws of the country are not harsh enough to deter youths from committing this offense.

He said it is high time for the government and the law and justice sector to amend the existing drug laws and penalties.

“The drug laws are not effective. If you look at them, they are too lenient” said Mr Tau.

Under the current drug laws, offenders serve only 2 years jail time.

“As an advocator against drugs, I see that harsher penalties should be imposed” he further stated.

The change of time comes with a change in the trend of drug trafficking and smuggling.

However, the drug laws are not up-to-date and do not capture these new trends and the appropriate charges and penalties.

“This is a call to the government to revise the drug laws and implement harsher penalties” Mr Tau added.

He said drug laws should be done in a way were they prevent people from committing the offense.

Moreover, the drug laws should also provide rehabilitation pathways and requirements mainly for offenders.

Carolyn Ure