Drought hits Ijivitari

The livelihood of more than 50,000 people in the Ijivitari district of Northern Province has been disrupted by the drought that hit the province in May 2023.

The long dry season that continues to this day has dried up steams, and rivers and destroyed food gardens.

The President of Tufi LLG Luke Nunisa shared his people's struggle with the drought, saying they need access to clean water and food.

“The start of the drought season has hit the district hard since May of this year, and it has been three months. My people’s livelihood remains hanging in a balance,” he said.

Nunisa said the drought has contributed to the spread of airborne diseases and increased lifestyle diseases.

“All our rivers and streams are dried up. When rain comes we have to wait for a longer period to use because obviously the water will be dirty,” he said.

He said currently the people have been relying on store brought food which is expensive and not suitable.

He said garden food is being sent in from other districts and provinces but it is also an expensive exercise.

Nunisa said their plight for aid has been brought to the provincial government and government agencies to take a proactive approach towards assisting those affected.

Meanwhile, a fundraising activity will be held on September 2nd at the Nature Park to raise funds that will go towards supporting the affected communities.  

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