Dr Waninga is Acting VC for UoG

Minister for Higher Education, Science Research and Technology, Wesley Raminai has announced the court decision confirming the appointment of Dr Teng Waninga as the duly appointed Acting Vice Chancellor for University of Goroka.

At a press conference held in Port Moresby, University Chancellor, Joe Wemin said the decision of the Minister to appoint Dr Waninga as Acting VC confirms with the laws of this country. 

He said the Minister is empowered by the Higher Education Act to revoke and appoint.

“The court decision today reflects that the minister did not make any mistake. He did not change the management by the council because he wants to do for the sake of KT management. The court upheld the decision made by the Minister,” Mr Wemin said.

He said the court dismissed the appeal by the former administration to revoke the appointment because of the following reasons:

  1. The second application between the same parties and that the same court direction was sought in the second application which was dismissed in the first application; therefore it was dismissed again.
  2. Secondly the plaintiff has not stated in law the minister exercised his powers given to him by the higher Education General Provisions Act of 2014 and 2020. 
  3. Thirdly there was no arguable case in this second application
  4. Fourthly the minister had the power under section 152, sub section 1 D&E to revoke the governing council and to appoint acting VC
  5. Fifth, he said the court saw it as an unnecessary application and ordered the cost to the plaintiff.

Minister Raminai said the previous regime that was there they were only there on acting basis, but overstayed their time for over five years, which he said is unusual.

He said the previous management had questionable governing issues that is why he intervened to appoint an interim governing council.

“Everyone that I’ve appointed are on merit,” Minister Raminai said. 

Meanwhile, Dr Waninga said the court’s decision now gives him and the new council the green light to progress with the governance and administration.

He said one of the major activities delayed is the university graduation, this will be held at the end of this month.

Dr Waninga appeals to the former administration to move out of the university premises and facilities they are occupying to give way for the newly appointed management team.

Frieda Kana