Dr Schram terminated

Following his suspension last month, the vice chancellor of the University of Technology has now been terminated.

The University of Technology Council has released a public statement confirming Dr. Albert Schram’s termination.

The unanimous council decision was on grounds of serious misconduct and breach of contract of employment.

On 19 January 2018, the University of Technology Council made a unanimous decision to charge Dr. Albert Schram with 21 allegations.

As per the term of his contract of employment, Dr. Schram was given seven working days to respond to the allegations.

On 30 January 2018, Dr. Schram submitted his response to the Council through the Registrar.

The materials constituting the allegations and responses were forwarded to a private lawyer for an independent legal advice.

The Council then reconvened on 15 February 2018 and, following a whole day of deliberation, decided to terminate Dr Schram’s contract.

The following are the allegations that were upheld and resulted in his termination;

  • Non provision of verified academic credentials
  • Constant overseas trips on vague university business
  • Engagement of consultants to cover up for him while he was away overseas and
  • Engagement of private lawyers to represent personal interests

However, in response, Dr Schram said the Council itself acknowledged that the main ground for dismissal was that he allegedly did not present a certified copy of his original doctoral degree from the European University Institute.

“Here is a link to my thesis on the Institute’s website http://cadmus.eui.eu//handle/1814/5972,” says Dr Schram.

“This had been a condition for my contract renewal in 2015.

“In an email dated 13 January 2015, I requested the renowned European University Institute, established by an international treaty, to send me two hard copies – one to my office in Lae and one to Cairns.

“Upon receiving the document in Lae, I handed it over to the Registrar. The other original I kept. Why would I do otherwise and sabotage myself?”

Dr Schram, who has been with UoT since 2012, said the matter is now before the courts.

“And it is fitting therefore out of respect not to make any more statements about the case, so as to allow the judges to make up their minds independently.”

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