Dr Kombra commends Board for Libraries and Archives

Secretary for Education Dr Uke Kombra has commended the current Board of National Libraries and Archives (NLA) for the effort in coming up with a 10 years strategic plan.

The recently launched National Library, Archives and Records Services 10 Year Strategic Plan 2016-2025 aims to deliver sustainable, accessible, fair, equal and quality library and archives services to the people.

Kombra revealed that before the Board was established, there was a lack in the governance system.

He said there was a vacuum in the way the governance of this agency was managed and there were a lot of issues.

The last NLA Board meeting was held in 2006 and it has been 11 years since the Office of Library and Archives operated without the NLA Board.

The Board was established by the Minister Nick Kuman in 2016 and it has a director general and staff members who had now come up with the strategic plan.

The Board’s major role is to ensure that there is transparency, accountability and good governance within the NLA.

NLA Board chairman Frank Makanuey said he is confident that under the leadership of the Director General and his management, the Plan will achieve its set goals and objectives.

Makanuey said in this term of the Board, he will make sure that the roles and responsibilities of the Board are carefully implemented and ensure decisions reached in Board meetings are in line with set regulations.

Quintina Naime