Dr Gelu On Women’s Inclusion

Registrar of Political Parties Dr Alphosne Gelu has made an important call to get more women into Parliament in the country’s next National General Elections (NGE) 2022.

The Registrar said the Integrity of Political Parties & Candidates Commission (IPPCC) has pushed political parties to open their memberships so that women can become members. He said since 1977, political parties have refused to endorse women due to doubt in their capabilities as leaders.

Dr Gelu said women are intelligent and strong. They successfully run their homes and hold offices at all levels in private and government organizations. He posed the question, “What is the problem?” in regards to PNG’s reality of having no women representation in Parliament.

Dr Gelu commented that, “Em bikpla challenge.”

He called on political parties to endorse women candidates for the 2022 NGE.

In recent months, IPPCC has been running a program all around the country especially for women who plan to contest the 2022 NGE.

Dr Gelu said IPPCC is encouraging political parties to endorse the women who are part of the program. He said historically, women endorsed by political parties in PNG performed better in previous elections. They finished fifth, fourth and third in eliminations.

The Registrar called on male political leaders to believe in their women counterparts to lead and urged that it should be every Papua New Guinean’s aim to get at least five women into parliament come the 2022 NGE.

Marysila Kellerton