DPM Transfers Powers To ABG

Department of Personnel Management has transferred full Human Resource powers and functions to the Autonomous Region of Bougainville’s (ABG) public service.

Public Service Minister, Joe Sungi and DPM Secretary Taies Sansan were in Buka recently to handover powers during a momentous ceremony.

He acknowledged the tremendous work by his predecessor leaders who began the process and brought it this far.

The Public Service Ministry begun its support for the Bougainville Government since 2012, assisting the Bougainville Public Service from its transitional stages to the creation of the Public Service proper.

Mr Sungi said: “I am pleased that through our cooperative working relationship under the Bougainville Peace Agreement 2001. We have achieved a lot, beginning with the creation of the Bougainville Public Service Structure and key human resource management policies, guidelines and processes.

“There remains more work to be done in improving our human resource management practices in both the Bougainville Public Service & the National Public Service and my ministry through DPM is keen in assisting the Bougainville Public Service and the Autonomous Government.”

The key achievements of the transition include:

  1. Successful transfer of Public Service Functions & Powers to the ABG & Enactment of the Bougainville Public Service Management & Administration Act-2014. This resulted in the absorption of the Public Service Powers and functions to the ABG Public Service.
  2. Development of ABG Leaders Pay & Salary Grade structure for the Bougainville Public Service.
  3. The Design, documentation, costing and implementation of the ABG Public Service Organization Structures for 14 Departments.
  4. The launch and operationalization of the Bougainville Ascender Payroll.
  5. Development of the ABG Public Service Management & Administrative Act 2014.
  6. Provision of General Technical Advice to the ABG Department of Personnel Management & Administrative Services through DPM’s ABG Desk.
  7. Development and Signing of the Unified Overarching Memorandum of Understanding by the Minister for Public Service.
  8. The Overarching Memorandum of Understanding on the Drawdown of Powers & Functions 2017
  9. Creation of the Bougainville Referendum Commission and Implementation of the BRC Structure and Remuneration for BRC Commissioners.
  10. Appointment of National Government Nominee to the Bougainville Senior Appointments Committee.
  11. Reviewed Pay & Salary Grades structure for 2017 – 2019 for the Bougainville Public Service and Implementation of the Flow on of the 3% CPI Salary increase for 2017 – 2019.
  12. The Implementation of the Sharp Agreement 2021 resulting in the full transfer of powers and functions to ABG, which was witnessed at the handover ceremony.

Sungi concluded that the full transfer of powers and functions to the Bougainville Public Service is another milestone achieved for Bougainville Public Service.

DPM Secretary Taies Sansan said DPM will be available to share knowledge and experience with ABG.

She highlighted the need for the ABG Public Service to look at the creation of a similar institution like the Public Service Commission.

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