DPM plans line agencies’ training

The Department of Personnel Management will be holding a two-day workshop at the end of September to train line agencies on how to write Key Result Areas (KRAs) for their respective heads.

This is part of ongoing trainings conducted by DPM to equip HR managers and planning managers on how to create KRAs for their respective agency heads.

Department of Personnel Management Secretary, Taies Sansan, said the Performance Management System (PMS) is part of the Performance Based Agency Head Contract system. It commits agency heads to deliver services and programs in accordance with the performance targets, agreed with the portfolio minister for departmental heads, governor for provincial administrations and board chairpersons for other funded public authorities.

“Since the department started rolling out the Online Performance Management system in 2019, I have observed that agency heads are either not submitting their key result areas or are submitting them very late,” said Secretary Sansan.

“This is defeating the purpose of the performance based contracts that have been executed between the head of state and the agency head.”

Through a circular instruction sent out to HR managers of all national departments, provincial administrations and other funded public authorities, an invitation is extended to all human resource managers and planning managers to attend the training.

The two-day workshop, which will be run by DPM’s executive resourcing service branch, will be held at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance from the 28th to the 29th of September.

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