Don’t waste time: PM

Prime Minister James Marape has called on Ministers, government departments and agencies “not to waste time” when it comes to delivering key impact projects.

He sounded this message when launching the Edevu Hydropower Reservoir Impoundment at Edevu in Koiari, Central Province, recently.

“Time lost is money lost”, this was the message from Prime Minister Marape to all ministers, agencies, secretaries, and managing directors of state organisations, when they attended the launch of the hydropower project outside of Port Moresby on Friday, April 21.

He stated that the massive K770 million Edevu Hydropower Project along Brown River in Central is a good example of major projects that relevant authorities never make it happened on time but waste time sitting on it.

The PM said: “Many times, our system of government is so cumbersome that we sit in the way of this sort of project being moved,” alluding to the fact that it had been on the drawing board since 2009 and was only now becoming reality.

The project was sanctioned and mooted by the Government almost 15 years ago and yet the power lines were only erected this year.

The Prime Minister was furious and said these key economic enablers and transformational projects must take haste without compromising the country’s laws and must be done with haste.

He called on relevant government agencies to implement such impact projects as soon as possible because mothers and children are dying and they are not moving because they are stuck in the status quo of mediocrity.

Meantime, the Chinese investor PNG Hydro Development Ltd has invested K650 million while the Government is partnering by way of K120 million for this 132KV transmission line from Edevu to Port Moresby.