Do not print ballot papers in Indonesia!

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil is once again calling on the Electoral Commission (EC) to reconsider bringing back the printing of the ballot papers from Indonesia.

Basil argued that Indonesia is a country known for being corrupt and dangerous. Also, PNG should understand that we share common borders with Indonesia.

Basil continues to question whether the printing of ballot papers in Indonesia will include printing of the names of electorates and provincial seats.

He pointed out that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is yet to answer these questions. 

“I would be comfortable if the ballot papers are printed in New Zealand and Australia because their laws are so strict that we can use their laws to hold those printing companies accountable.

“We believe that our country is at risk and we want those ballot papers to be brought back to PNG,” Basil said.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says the current cost to print the ballot papers with embedded security features in Indonesia is only K6.6 million.

This is almost three times lower than the Government Printing cost of K23 million.

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Quintina Naime