DJAG and partners observe International Human Rights Day

In commemoration of the International Human Rights Day, the Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) collaborated with various partners to host an advocacy and awareness program.

The program focused on emphasizing the crucial role of partnerships in promoting human rights and responsibilities.

The event featured informational stalls set up by DJAG agencies, offering insights into their functions and services.

Deputy Secretary of National Provincial Coordination and Crime Prevention, Stanley Raka, FSVU Director Superintendent Delilah Sandeka from RPNGC, and representatives from different DJAG agencies spoke at the occasion.

Deputy Secretary Stanley Raka delivered the keynote address on behalf of Secretary of Justice and Attorney General Dr Eric Kwa. He emphasized the significance of Human Rights Day, citing Papua New Guinea's commitment to principles such as dignity, equality, and justice.

Raka highlighted the importance of constitutional rights and freedoms, urging collective action to prevent all forms of violence with this year's theme, "Invest Now to Prevent Violence, Play Your Part."

Superintendent Delilah Sandeka provided an overview of the FSVU units across 21 provinces, emphasizing their commitment to reaching districts and serving diverse populations.

She expressed gratitude to DJAG for supporting their efforts in ensuring officers are well-equipped to enforce the law and uphold the rights of every individual.

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