Districts partner with NID Office

Two Districts have signed an MOU with the National Identity & Civil Registry Office to roll out the National Identification Card Program.

Wapanamanda in Enga Province, and Mul-Baiyer in Western Highland Province both signed up on April 16th to partner the NID office to register locals and distribute NID cards.

The MOU signing was attended by Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Sam Basil, Wapenamanda MP, Rimbink Pato, and Mul-Baiyer MP, Koi Trappe.

Wapenamanada And Mul-Baiyer are the 23rd and 24th Districts respectively to put their hands up to join the roll out of the NID program.

Registrar General, Noel Mobiha, said having the support of the District was important to ensure roll out was effective.

“We are working with the members and this new MOU the way it I structured, is to involve the District and the Registry partnership to grow. Over the years we found that we were more doing it on a standalone basis and the Districts are not really a major player in our registration process,” said Mobiha.

Wapenammanda MP, Rimbink Pato said they are already prepared for implementation.

“Wapenamanda is ready (and) set because we have been working with the NID Office after some time now since the NID Provincial Government together with some of our members, signed an agreement and an MOU some years back. So we have already identified the potential ward officers who will be able to undertake the recording that is necessary.

“We have provided funding already in our budget except that that funding could not be released but I’m going to see to it that its going back into the budget again this year, to make sure the funds are available. We already have transportation,” said Pato.

Minister Basil has called on other District and Provincial Leaders to also partner the NID Office.

“The NID office is here, its waiting for your cooperation if you can sign up now,” said Basil.

“I understand there are a lot of criticisms from several provinces, but hey look, we cannot continue to criticize, come forward and sign up and lets move the NID program forward.”

Cedric Patjole