Directions hearing for VoNC

Parties interested in joining, or intervening, in the Special Supreme Court reference seeking the interpretation of the Supreme Court on the legality of the vote of no confidence, have two weeks to file their motions.

The special Supreme Court reference went for directions hearing today before Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.

Any parties interested in joining or intervening in the Special Supreme Court reference have until 21 March to file their respective applications, seeking to join in the reference.

Lawyers acting for the Speaker of Parliament, Clark of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition, Patrick Pruaitch, appeared in court today, along with councils representing the referrer of special Supreme Court reference, Attorney General Steven Davis.

They are expected to return to court on March 8 where interested parties can move their respective applications.

The interest parties will have to show to the court that they have an interest in the matter.

The Attorney General through the reference is seeking the Supreme Court’s opinion on the legality of a vote of no confidence.

It also seeks to have the higher court’s interpretation and determination of the constitutionality of the powers of the Supreme Court to adjudicate over parliamentary processes.

Whether the nominated Prime Minister must be from a party with most numbers are among other issues in this special Supreme Court reference.

Sally Pokiton