Digicel PNG Foundation CEO resigns

Where Digicel as a business grows, so must the communities it operates in.

Firmly rooted in this belief, the telecommunication business through Digicel PNG Foundation has reached out and touched the lives of Papua New Guineans nationwide, under the leadership of outgoing chief executive officer Beatrice Mahuru, who announced her resignation after 7 years of dedicated service.

Mahuru announced her resignation yesterday after dedicating 7 years of service as the Digicel PNG Foundation CEO.

The work of Digicel PNG Foundation through educational, health and other social initiatives has impacted the lives of over 7 hundred thousand Papua New Guineans in the remote parts of the country.

“From 2011 we achieved all 22 provinces, by 2014 we had footprints in all 89 districts and now as I speak as my tenure as CEO is closing, our presence is in 65 percent of the 329 LLGs,” the outgoing CEO remarked.

The foundation has funded 44 community learning centres, 250 elementary schools, 276 primary schools, 31 libraries, 2 inclusive education resource centres and 31 mobile health clinics, amongst many others under Mahuru’s leadership.

An achievement that well reflects the kind of leadership Mahuru portrayed as well as the passion and drive of the small but remarkable team she led.

“With the passion that Beatrice had she was able to touch a lot of Papua New Guineans through the health, education and entrepreneurship programs,” said Cecelia Kulangil - Digicel Foundation Board representative.

While the staff admitted that the legacy and the greater responsibilities that Mahuru leaves behind need to be filled, the work of the foundation must go on.

Acting CEO Adi Anaseini Vesikula said: “She’s leaving big shoes to fill but I think she has grown everyone’s feet in the foundation to fill that shoe.”

Digicel PNG Foundation PR & Engagement Manager, Hane Toua, added: “We just want to say thank you so much for everything you’ve taught us.”

(Picture: Men of Honour Facebook page)

Carolyn Ure