DICT Staff conquer public service induction

Staff from the PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) graduated from a one-week induction program with the Somare Institute of Leadership And Governance (SILAG).

SILAG’s Business Relations and Strategic Relations Director (BISR), Allan Kamale, stressed on the importance of accountability and transparency in public service at the graduation ceremony yesterday.

"When you go out, have it in your mind that you are serving the people of PNG and God, and I hope you go back and become better versions of yourselves,” he stated.

DICT Secretary Steven Matainaho acknowledged the efforts of SILAG for successfully inducting the DICT staff into public service. He urged the inductees to remember their role in the department and the country.

“Each of you has a role to play in the Department and PNG, and contributes significantly to the department’s function as a unit thus everyone has a responsibility.

“We will get a lot of criticism from everyone with the work we do, because social media is here now. However, you must remember your role, put in the work and achieve it. Criticism is always there and it will build you.

“Whatever role you have, each of it is significant and it will add to the entire organization for it to fully function and serve the people of PNG,” said Matainaho.

Upon delivering his congratulatory speech, SILAG Director, Robert Nemala reminded the 28 inductees of the term ‘servant’ as a duty-bound role and are now servants of the public.

"At SILAG, we are proud when we train people and they go out and transform an agency. We want feedback."

DICT Induction Class representative, Charles Teviri, made special appreciation to the efforts of both the SILAG team and the Department of ICT in delivering the program.

He emphasized the need to promote integrity, accountability, and transparency and highlighted the program's compliance with the General Orders and the Public Sector Workforce Development Initiative's goal to improve the public administration's performance and ability to deliver basic services effectively to the citizens of Papua New Guinea.

"We must aim to promote integrity, accountability and transparency," said Teviri.

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