Dept to visit provinces, districts

The Department of Personnel Management (DPM) will visit provinces and districts to ensure administrative structures and human resources issues are in place for public servants.

Public Service Minister, Joe Sungi made this known when addressing DPM staff on Tuesday 24th January 2023. 

Minister Sungi said there is a great need for the department to assist provincial and district administrations to ensure diligence in their work output as public servants in the provinces.  
He said DPM must be strict in approving these structures, so that the functions of the government are up and running and that there is manpower on the ground against these structures. 
“You have to look deep. Look at the locality, area base and the service when approving the structures. The reality now is that there is no presence of public servants in the rural settings. Approval of structures for the provincial and district offices and authorities in the provinces must reflect this. I want DPM to focus on the Provincial and District Level.” 
Minister Sungi stated that the provincial health authorities, provincial administrations and police are the main provincial authorities that needs the attention of DPM. 
He said the need to build institutional houses for public servants is paramount.  

“Houses must be built for public servants before creating positions and approving structures. When housing has become a condition of employment, it will make public service attractive; as well as cutting spending on renting houses for public servants, especially doctors and police officers in the provinces.”

Loop author