Dept to tackle gender, human rights issues

Officers from various Government departments have come together to participate in a two-day workshop on gender and human rights.

The workshop started today in Port Moresby.

It is hosted by the gender development and human rights branch of the Department for Community Development and Religion, in partnership with the UN Office of the Human Rights Commission (UNOHRC).

The aim of the workshop is to provide basic understanding of human rights and PNG’s human rights obligations to the Department’s staff and officers from other key Government departments.

The Department’s gender and human rights first assistant secretary, Karen Haive, thanked the OHCHR and key partners at Government agencies for their commitment.

Haive said after the completion of the workshop, the Department will be looking at these key partners and agencies to provide assistance to the areas that are needed.

OHCHR human rights adviser Kedar Poudyal highlighted that the workshop will focus on international treaties and conventions’ obligation and documentation processes on human rights.

“We will also cover some treaty aspects and what it means for the country to rectify a treaty and what are the obligations.

“We hope that we will have a fruitful discussion and it will encourage you to learn more about human rights.

“We hope to create an atmosphere that is conducive for sharing and learning from each other’s experience,” Poudyal said.

The Government agencies participating include Foreign Affairs and Trade, Justice and Attorney General, Constitutional Law Reform Commission, Prime Minister’s Department and National Planning and Monitoring.

Quintina Naime