Dept of Defence updates Corporate Plan

The Department of Defence (DoD) with representation from Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF), updated its Corporate Plan at a four-day consultation workshop on Loloata Island, Central Province.

The workshop was held recently from 18th-22nd of December 2022. Defence Secretary, Hari John Akipe said the Department of Defence Corporate Plan 2020-2023 was updated to Corporate Plan 2023-2026. 

He said the plan was shaped to be simple, specific and measurable. The Government has recently included the National Volunteer Service, PNG Fire Service and the National Disaster Centre under the Ministry of Defence, which traditionally has DoD and PNGDF. 

The Ministerial Determination is part of the Marape-Rosso Government’s efforts boost efforts in Civic Action. Hence, while maintaining its core Constitutional functions, PNGDF will take part actively in nation-building. 

To address this policy shift, DoD is obliged to provide relevant support to PNGDF to acquire the necessary capabilities to achieve the desired results. PNGDF’s ability to deliver its mandated functions depends on strong and viable administrative support by DoD. 

Together, Defence will be in a better position to provide a safe and secure environment that is conducive for PNG and its people to grow and prosper. 

The Corporate Plan 2023-2026 is a focused plan with a defined Vision, Mission, and Goal. The plan is a key policy document in guiding DoD. It will guide the department’s approach in complementing PNGDF's required tasks and activities over the next three years, consistent with government direction and PNGDF development aspirations, particularly the Chief of Defence Force Intent 2022-2026. 

During the workshop, divisions of the department reviewed their roles and strategies, and projected their expected outcomes. 

They also presented their 2023 work plans and the 2022 annual reports. Next year’s work plans are geared towards meeting the corporate plan and the challenges and shortfalls identified in the 2022 annual reports. 

“When the department resumes in January, everyone will have already known what to do,” Secretary Akipe said. 

He said the corporate plan is a public document that will be available to stakeholders and partners. 

Loop author