Deported refugee bail application adjourned to Friday

The Iranian refugee who was deported to PNG last Friday from Fiji will be spending another night at the police station holding cell after his bail application was adjourned to Friday.

Loghman Sawari appeared at the Boroko District Court today with his lawyer before Magistrate Alex Kalandi.

His bail application which was filed and served on police prosecution late on Wednesday afternoon was adjourned to Friday because prosecution was not ready to respond to the application.

Prosecution indicated they are opposing bail and will need time to file a proper response for the court’s consideration.

He was supposed to have his charge read and explained to him in court before his lawyer move the bail application however that will now take place on Friday at 1:30pm.

For now, Sawari will be held in separate confinement at the Boroko Police station’s new holding cells because he does not want to be remanded at Waigani holding cell.

His lawyer told the court he received medical attention at the Paradise hospital yesterday.

 The 21-year-old was arrested and charged with falsifying passport documents under the PNG Passport act of 1982 after he got deported to PNG last Friday.

The charge carries a possible fine not exceeding K10,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or both.  

He allegedly used a false identification to obtain travel documents which he used to leave PNG for Fiji.


Sally Pokiton