Department yet to receive Govt-Church Partnership funds

The Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion is yet to receive the K20 million allocated under the 2017 National Budget funds for the Government-Church Partnership Program.

Minister responsible, Delilah Gore, revealed this in Parliament today when responding to Kairuku-Hiri MP, Peter Isoaimo, who asked if there was a roll out mechanism in place for the program.

Isoaimo said despite it being a government agenda, the policy was eating into the limited funds of the districts.

“My question is that does the department have a implementing mechanism to roll out this program to benefit electorates or districts instead of us having to stretch further into our limited finding that we should really be using for development purposes?” asked Isoaimo.

Gore said the Government-Church Partnership Program did have a policy that will guide implementation. However, at the moment there was no funding available.

“Yes the church partnership program has its policy that will guide us to deliver the program. And yes it’s showing on the Budget that there’s K20 million allocated for church partnership (but) the Government is yet to receive the funding,” she said.

Cedric Patjole