Department Due For Restructure

With challenges facing the mining and petroleum industry, a restructure is imminent to address these issues.

At the Chamber of Mines and Petroleum Community Affairs and Media workshop held this week in Port Moresby, the need of a restructure was highlighted.

The Secretary for Department of Petroleum and Energy, David Manau in a presentation presented that the current structure was set up in 1978 and was outdated.

He raised that many senior and highly qualified and experienced technical officers such as engineers, geologists, lawyers, accountants, and economists are paid below Grade 10 pay level than technical officers at other government Departments.

“This has resulted in low staff morale, poor staff performance and high staff attrition rate experienced at the Department. In addition, the current structure does not adequately address the current needs of the industry and key technical areas,” Mr Manau said. 

He said the approach is to upgrade current positions to be on par with the industry and other government organizations.

There was a need also to create new positions to address key technical areas currently lacking. This exercise will further position the Department to move into the new “Petroleum Authority”

“Receiving the required resources and funding from the government on a timely manner will not only address the challenges faced by the Department, but will also instill confidence in the Department and government by the petroleum industry and key stakeholders.”

The Department recognizes that to address the shortcomings and challenges it faces, there is a need for immediate restructure of the Petroleum Division and establishment of the proposed National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

Susan Oreape