Defense to carry out post-mortem on election operations

​The PNGDF will be carrying out a post mortem of their supporting role in the security operations during the 2017 National elections.

Joint Operations commander, Colonel Ezekia Wenzel says that the report will be to identify challenges and come up steps to rectify them ahead of future joint operations.

Wenzel says that there are still some troops present in Hela and Enga following the major withdrawal of the main contingent who were out on operations.

He says that there are between 120 to 130 troops making up the skeletal force on ground and maintaining a presence to assist with security tasks.

Overall, Colonel Wenzel says that despite the limited resources the defense troops carried out their duties well and commended the efforts of all the army personnel that took part in the election operations.


(File picture of troops out during the 2017 election operations)

Julianna Waeda