Declaration of Loyalty

Sir Bob Dadae was sworn in today as the 11th Governor General Of Papua New Guinea.

Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika presided over the ceremony in parliament this morning. 

Sir Bob was reminded of the constitutional requirement that the Governor General take the oath of allegiance and make the declaration of loyalty and office before the Chief Justice, and in the presence of Parliament before assuming his duties.

After taking the oath of allegiance, Sir Bob made the declaration of loyalty to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and its people, and promised to uphold the constitution and the laws of the country.

Sir Bob is the first vice regal to be voted a second time as representative of the British Monarch in Papua New Guinea.

He signed the required constitutional declarations for his declaration of loyalty and of office before the Chief Justice and the Members of Parliament.

Sir Bob stated, “I, Bob Bofeng Dadae, realizing fully the responsibility to which I am committing myself and the consequences of not living up to the declarations and those responsibility, really and willingly declare my loyalty to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and its people. And to the constitution of Papua New Guinea adopted by the constituent assembly on 15th August 1975, in accordance with its provisions. I promise that I will uphold the constitution and the laws Papua New Guinea.”

Speaker Koni Iguan then congratulated Sir Bob on behalf of the Members of Parliament and the people of Papua New Guinea and wished him success in his continued role.

“Your Excellency, on behalf of the members of parliament and the people of Papua New Guinea whom they represent, I offer you our congratulations and wish you every success in the high office you now occupy. Honorable members, his excellency the Governor General of Papua New Guinea Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae will now retire.”


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