Debts, preachers included in budget

Apart from settling outstanding debts, the Morobe Provincial Government will also look at supporting preachers, people living with disabilities, widows and single mothers.

Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, said this when presenting the K645 million 2023 budget yesterday at Tutumang Haus.

“Subject to finding out whether it’s a true claim or false claim, this budget will provide K30 million to slowly, slowly, settle the debts,” he said, referring to claims of outstanding services by service providers and individuals.

“And then K5 million, we put aside to help the preachers,” he stated.

“The preachers of the gospel, they will preach the gospel in the temple, in the cathedral, in the church, on the streets. We have to support the preachers.

“All pastors, evangelists and deacons – whatever name they call them – will be paid.

“We begin now with K5 million. When our economy improves, we will increase it.

“K5 million for disabled people and the widows; those women their fathers left them behind because Heaven has called them, plus the single mothers.”

Carmella Gware