Deadline for Security Treaty confirmed

PNG Foreign Affairs says all documentation for the security treaty is well underway and should be able to cover on the designated time of April 2023.

Secretary Elias Wohengu confirmed that they should be able to see this complete by April.

Foreign Affairs Minister, Justin Tkatchenko stated that the Secretary for Foreign Affairs with the Chief Secretary for Papua New Guinea are leading all negotiations and documentation for the security treaty with Australia.

“Now remember this treaty is not just about defense or policing its covering a huge area like climate change a security threat to the Pacific, Bio-security, Gender equality, which a security issues as well for women. So it covers many aspects and we have got a deadline by both prime Ministers of Australia and PNG to have it completed by April.”

Mr Wohengu said the timeline that is given by the two leaders, through this process we will be able to go back to our leaders, who should be able to cover.

Tkatchenko further added that once they have all the information, they will hand it over to the leaders to push it through.

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