Date of Electronic flex theft trial to be set

The Waigani National Court will set a date next week as to when another former employee of Oceania Communications will stand trial over allegations of electronic flex theft.

Norman Ilikis of Turagunan village, Kokopo, East New Britain Province appeared on Monday before Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika for mention.

Ilikis lawyer was directed to work with state lawyers and file pre-trial statement reviews before the matter returns to court next week.

His bail conditions will also be reviewed next week Monday when his case returns.

He is standing trial over allegations that between Nov 21, 2014 and Feb 27, 2015 at the Oceania Communications office at Spring Garden road, Hohola,  Ilikis conspired with his assistant, Glenda Nugai to transfer over K232,000 credits to his company.

The offense was committed while Ilikis was the Flex Distributor Director.   Nugai transferred the electronic credits in her capacity as the Order Processing Assistant for Momase Region.

The electronic credits were stolen through 25 transactions made by Nugai who had access to process and supply credits to clients.  Nugai by-passed all payment processes and made the payments.

The court found the Nugai transferred those credits to a company; Direct Flex Pom which is alleged to be owned by Ilikis on conditions she would be given commission for her part. 

Nugai was found guilty by the Waigani National Court for her part in the offense on Nov 25, 2016.

She was sentenced on Feb 7 this year serve a term of four years at Bomana.



Sally Pokiton