Cybercrime suspect arrested

A man from Hela Province has been arrested and charged by the police in Port Moresby for committing cybercrime against the Hela Governor, Philip Undialu.

Rickson Apa, 35 of Pureni Hela Province was accused of producing, uploading and circulating multiple videos, audios and text messages containing defamatory comments against the governor multiple times.

The videos went viral on social media prompting the governor to file a complaint with the Cyber Crime Unit in Port Moresby.

Thes members of the Cyber Crimes unit arrested Apa in Gordon on Sunday after carrying out investigations. Apa was charged for his alleged crimes but was later released on a K3000 bail.

Police whilst arresting and charging him, issued warning against citizens about the importance of upholding the rule of law and protecting individuals from cyber harassment.

Defamatory publications without evidence, cyber bullying and cyber harassments are punishable offence with severe penalties.

Police further warned Apa that his case will follow appropriate legal channels and expect the accused to fully cooperate with the police during investigations and subsequent legal proceedings.

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