Cult activities emerging in district: Councilor

Another cult activity has emerged in the hinterland of Madang, this time in the Adelbert range in Sumkar district.

A local councilor, who wishes to remain anonymous for safety reasons, alleges this new group has been going around conducting cult activities with their leader, who is claiming to be God. The leader’s son maintains that he is Jesus Christ while a relative claims to be an angel.

The activity of this group is concentrated in a remote village called Enengave in the Wanuma area of Sumgilbar LLG.

The councilor travelled to Madang on Monday to report the matter, and is calling on police to go into the area to flush out the immoral activities conducted by this group.

He says there are about four hundred members of this cult group, including young girls.

The councilor believes the cult activity could be a result of lack or minimal government services into the remote area in the mountains of the Adelbert range.

He is afraid of going back to his home, in case he gets killed for reporting the matter.

Meanwhile, Madang police have confirmed receiving reports of cult activities in the Wanuma area.

A rural police unit, based at Dylup, will be deployed to investigate the complaints.

A couple of years ago, Madang Province saw the emergence of a cult group, led by late Steven Tari, who claimed to be ‘Black Jesus’. His activities were more concentrated in the hinterlands of Madang district in Matepi and parts of Trans-Gogol.

Late Tari reportedly lured young girls to be his flower girls and was involved in immoral activities until his death near Gogol River.

(The Adelbert range. Picture: ABC)

James Kila