CS remembers fallen members

In a commemorated dedication service today at the Sione Kami Memorial Church, CS Commissioner, Michael Waipo expressed his utmost gratitude to those officers who had lost their lives in the line of duty; especially during the crisis in Bougainville.

The 17th of February is commemorated each year by the Correctional service to pay respects of the first ever CS casualties recorded during the Bougainville crisis in the 1990’s.

“This brings us to 28 years since then. It gives me great sadness as I stand before you all to commemorate this day with the legacy of those who had gone ahead,” Waipo expressed.

Waipo said the Remembrance Day is not only for those who were killed, but also those who died pushing to better improve the institution.

“May their souls rest in peace and the lessons they have left behind, we can all learn from.”

Waipo also urged all his officers to think critically about their health and well-being in the work and homes.

“We must make it our business to have regular medical check-ups so we are aware of our medical conditions.

He adds that by doing that, they live long enough to live a legacy to be remembered instead of becoming another statistic.

Sharing similar sentiments, Correctional Service Minister, Roy Biyama stressed that officers should not take the sacrifices of these men and women for granted as they have dedicated all they had so peace could prevail.

 “I am looking forward to working together to put value and purpose to our responsibility as correctional service men and women serving with dignity.”

Annette Kora