CS Officers Promoted

Before the year ends, the PNG Correctional Service has recognized and promoted over 30 officers in a Promotion Parade held yesterday, Tuesday 8 December in Port Moresby.

The official parade at the PNGCS headquarters witnessed the promotion of 39 CS officers, giving recognition on the work they have done and signifies more responsibilities.

The officers were given promotion according to the different ranks from Lance Corporals and Corporals, Sergeants and Sergeant Majors, Inspectors and Senior Inspectors, Chief Inspectors, Superintendents and Chief Superintendents and Civilian Staff.

CS Commissioner, Stephen Pokanis commended officers and members for their tireless efforts and commitment for service to the government and people of Papua New Guinea.

“Standing together with each of you, I am humbled to witness the promotion of officers standing before us. With ranks we hold, the only position I see is responsibility and responsibilities,” he said.

Commissioner Pokanis highlighted that the success of Correctional Service depends on the quality of leaders and the strong and sound leadership they provide.

He explained that strong leaders drive the performance and the effectiveness of others and help to create an environment where every employee can and should perform to their potential.

“What we witness is about coordinating, consulting, training, promoting and preparing leaders for tomorrow.  So that PNG Correctional Service is and will be in capable hands of the best leaders we have groomed to lead and to provide the kind of leadership which is needed,” Commissioner Pokanis added. 

Further, he highlighted that their promotion in joining every members of Correctional Service and holding ranks means more than the insignia they wear on their uniform or the increase in the pay they will receive.

Pokanis strongly encouraged officers to maintain their position and continue to lead in the right path, so that officers will follow their high standards and work ethics.

In conclusion, he encouraged officers who missed the 2021 promotion to also stand together with their colleagues and continue to serve and maintain a strong unity together.

Press Release