CRLC Secretary signs contract

The Secretary for the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission, Dr. Mange Matui, officially signed his contract yesterday at the Government House before the Governor General.

He took office since early this year but the employment formalities have not been completed until yesterday.

Dr. Matui was among two other heads of government agencies – Dr. Uke Kombra as Secretary for the Department of Education and Dr. Andrew Moutu, the Director for the National Museum and Art Gallery – who signed their contracts for a four-year term.

Dr. Matui thanked the government of the day for the confidence in him to lead a very important office that plays a vital role in the country’s development and success through policy and legal reforms.

“I am well aware of the enormous task that comes with the contract which is performance-based and I want to assure the government of the day that during my term, I will ensure CLRC performs effectively and favourably responds to its call of duty,” Dr Matui vowed.

Dr. Matui said the contract signing ushers a sense of certainty and reassurance for him to work with the staff as a team to implement the recently launched CLRC Corporate Plan 2020-2024 that not only aims to achieve the organisational goals, objectives and key mandate but also fulfill important government plans and policies, including MTDP III, Vision 2050, National Goals and Directive Principles and the Prime Minister’s vision of “Take Back PNG”.

Dr. Matui said the contract signing was a reminder that public servants, including himself, have a limited time to serve hence they must make an impact and leave legacies behind.

Prior to his appointment as CLRC Secretary, Dr. Matui was a Commissioner of CLRC since 2015. He is the former Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of PNG as well as former Executive Dean of the School of Law.

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