CPL Partners With Eat Smart Campaign

CPL Group and Stop N Shop has partnered with the Eat Smart Campaign to promote agriculture and nutrition to the people of Papua New Guinea.

The focus aims to educate people on the importance of healthy living and to appreciate the local produce readily available to benefit everyone.

The need to promote better living is imminent in the country as there is an increase in lifestyle diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, high blood pressure and diabetes.

CPL Group CEO, Navin Raju said the country has an abundance of healthy produce and it can be sourced locally. Every region has a different range of products and when incorporated into a healthy diet, will assist and reduce lifestyle diseases in the country.

“This is initiative acts to promote healthy eating and making choices that will assist our people in a better and healthier life. CPL’s vision is to assist Papua New Guinean people to live a healthier life. This campaign fits into our vision of actually promoting healthier life,” said Navin.

Mr Navin said CPL and Stop N Shop were thrilled to be a part of this initiative, and they hope this will make a difference to people’s lives.

Chef Julz Henao has been with the Eat Smart Campaign promoting healthy alternatives provided by our local farmers and agricultural industry. The inspirational stories he has encountered of farmers making ends meet has motivated many to adopt healthier lifestyles with the help of the Eat Smart Campaign.

“The true heroes of our agricultural sector are our local farmers and CPL are doing a massive job in that sense by promoting a logistical framework and support to the local farmers. We have touched on some great stories and so far, we were just out near Hula at a village called Koneka.

“We filmed a coconut farmer called Lucas, he is a blind and he manages to harvest coconuts and provides to CPL as well. Stories like that we want to push and promote to PNG. They are a source of inspiration and motivation as well, and these are the true heroes of the Eat Smart Campaign.”

Chef Julz said that the Eat Smart Campaign will be taken provincially to recognize the importance of this campaign throughout PNG.

Carol Kidu