COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan out

Health Secretary Dr Osborne Liko this week released the Day 316 of the ‘Niupela Pasin’ update report on the COVID-19 including the first phase of the Vaccine rollout program.

The COVID-19 vaccine target population for the 1st Phase rollout is 103,725. COVID-19 cases are evident in all 22 provinces and the rollout plan covers all provinces, under relevant categories:

  • Healthcare workers and support staff in public and private health facilities 27,005
  • Quarantine and isolation facilities workers 427
  • Health students 4,413
  • Correctional Service officers 1,316
  • Border and immigration/customs 159,
  • Seaport workers 851
  • Airport/aviation and airline workers 1,084
  • Police 7,112, defense force personnel 1,833 and 
  •  Teachers 5,9525

 Most of the provinces have almost all of the categories covered except for NCD and Central who only have the healthcare workers and support staff being listed for vaccination.

Gulf province will deliver vaccine to the healthcare workers and support staff, airport/aviation and airline workers, police officers and teachers.

Meanwhile, Milne Bay the recipients of the vaccine are 1,253 health workers and medical students.

Oro Province has all categories covered except for quarantine and isolation facilities workers, border and immigration and defense force officers.

Frieda Kana