Court: Kandep leaders must take responsibility

Leaders of Kandep in Enga Province and political rivals who are parties in an election petition before court, Don Polye and Alfred Manase, have been called on to take responsibility of their supporters.

Court of Disputed Returns administration judge, Justice Collin Makail, said the two leaders will have to take responsibility and tell their people and supporters to respect the court process and the election petition in court.

He made the comments when fixing the venue for the election petition trial.

Suggestions were made by Polye’s lawyer to have the trial heard in either Mt Hagen or Mendi due to security reasons however, the judge said there is the National Court facility in Wabag that can be utilised.

He said the court process may be long but people must learn to respect it and parties aggrieved have the right to review.

He set the trial at the Wabag National Court from April 30 to May 25, 2018, because all the witnesses are based in Wabag.

The matter will go for status conference on March 19, 2018, to check status of trial preparation.

Polye filed the petition challenging the election of Alfred Manase as Kandep MP.

He is alleging bribery, undue influence against Manase and illegal practices, errors and omission against the Electoral Commission in the petition.

Polye is alleging that seven ballot boxes that were for the Kandep seat were not counted but were accepted during scrutiny in the Provincial seat count.

Sally Pokiton