Court dismisses misappropriation case

Kevea Moi, Saroa Beredi and Willie Abari say that their application to dismiss proceedings of the alleged K10 million misappropriation case against them was dismissed earlier this week by Justice Ere Kariko.

The three men, Kevea Moi, Saroa Beredi and Willie Abari filed the application on grounds that there was no evidence that the plaintiff (named) was authorized by the Rouna ILG to file the proceeding, and that his position as Chair to the Rouna ILG was not duly registered.

Chairman of the Narime Clan of Rouna, Saroa Beredi said, “With the help of our lawyers, the proceeding was dismissed.

“We argued that our accuser (named) was not recognised by the Rouna ILG as chairman and that he did not have support of the landowners under Rouna ILG to even take us to court.

“The MoA we signed with Rouna ILG that we would share the 10 million government grant, was subject to the Ministerial Committee and the Chief Justice when they were working to establish the true landowners.

“The money had been in the National Court Trust Account, until the Chief Justice ordered it be released to the Rouna Lower Koiari Limited, when the NEC recognised us as legitimate land owners.”

The people of the Rouna and Lower Koiari were recognised as legitimate landowners through NEC decision number 356 2013.

The leaders have now called on their people in Rouna and Lower Koiari to work together with them for sustainable development.

Chairman of the Behori Clan of Lower Koiari, Kevea Moi said, “Those who continue to oppose us, can be rest assured that we want what’s best for all of us.

“Port Moresby city is expanding and development is moving towards us. Already much of our land has been taken, and we must work together to protect what still belongs to us – our land.

“Leaders of the ILG have development plans that will sustain our livelihoods, and together with the government, we want to achieve them, but we need your support.”

While the three Chairmen will return to court on Tuesday February 27, to hear the outcome of the case which was also filed in the criminal court, they have given assurance that their people of the Lower Koiari area will not interfere with the activities of the Rouna Hydro Power Plant, including water and power supply into the city.

“The government has given us what we’ve been waiting for, for so many years. 

“We want to assure city residents now that landowners here in Rouna and Lower Koiari will no longer shut down water or power supply to the city.

“Anybody who is not part of our ILG or a member of the three clans has no right to interfere in our decisions,” said Chairman of the Omani clan of Rouna, Willie Abari.

Salome Vincent