Counting Almost Complete

Counting for the Moresby Northwest By-elections first preference votes in Ward 1 (Metoreia United Church Hall), Wards 8, and 11 at the Sir John Guise Stadium (SJGS) are complete.

Counting at the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance (PILAG) for Ward 10 is progressing with eight ballot boxes left for counting.

Counting at all venues was delayed on Friday 11 June, due to police personnel and counting officials not receiving their allowances for deployment in the counting operations.

PNG Electoral Commission Counting Official, Paul Sailas said counting was delayed because they did not receive their allowances.

However, the issue has been resolved with counting for first preference votes now almost complete.

Progressive results for the by-election as of this morning are as follows:

1. Lohia Boe Samuel (Pangu) -          16,294

2. Joe Tonde (ULP)                  -           8,378

3. Sengol Parkop (IND)            -           5,141

4. Dr. T. Kambanei (NGP)         -           5,138

5. Walter Yangomina (IND)    -            3,082

6. Anna Kavana Bais (PP)       -            2,462 

7. Jackson Kiakari (IND)          -           2,412

8. Benjamin Michael (IND)      -           1,553

9. Segie Otio (IND)                    -           1,526

10. Leslie Alu (PNGP)              -           1,134

Counting in the remaining wards is estimated to be completed by this evening.

Marysilla Kellerton