Councilors to vote LLG Presidents

The Minister for Inter-Government Relations Kevin Isifu says the Government will allow the method allowed by law to elect an LLG President as a corrective measure.

Minister Isifu confirmed that by law all LLG Presidents be elected by the Councilors, and not the people. This is to avoid further issues.

Isifu said the Government had rescinded its decision to allow voters elect the LLG President after so many issues arose out of.

“due to so many issues arising and as a result of direct election of heads if the LLG, NEC made a decision, number 375 of 2015, rescinded its previous decision to have the President direct by the voters. These are on-going issues because of the direct election of the President.”

Some of the issues include:

  • 27 LLGs and some Ward elections have been failed on 2013 and no elected representative until now.
  • Received many complaints from Ward Councilors that since direct election, Presidents and Mayors never listen to them.
  • Presidents making one-man decision outside of the LLG Assemblies without the knowledge of Ward Councilors.
  • Too much political infighting and instabilities at the Provincial Assemblies and DDA Boards.
  • Gross abuse and misuse of State Assets and limited resources of LLG’s; and
  • Failing to furnish Annual Reports.

“Just like our Prime Minister has responded due to questions on the floor of Parliament, we are mindful of Provinces, who are trying to maintain the current method of electing heads of LLgGs. However because of the above corrective issues, as a means of corrective action, NEC has changed the method of electing LLG Heads to the old system where the Councilors will be voted in, and then the Councilors go into their respective chambers and they will vote for the respective Presidents.”

Isifu said as a country they must have one governance and election process for electing leaders at all levels of Governments.

Isifu said any more attempts to maintain the current method will only derail and further delay the soon coming LLG Election that would be contrary to collective desires and jinustice to majority of people at communities.

Cedric Patjole