Councillors urged to be proactive

Councillors and local level government presidents must be proactive as they are the face of government.

Northern Governor Gary Juffa made this call when witnessing the swearing in of councillors and LLG council presidents and the Oro Provincial Executive Council on Tuesday.

“If you are proactive at the community level, Government will effectively function and services will reach our rural population. My leadership is only as good as your proactiveness and active participation in policy and delivery,” Juffa told those present.

“I urge you all to be accountable to the people who put us here and to serve them honestly and diligently without favour for any particular family, clan or village dwelling.

“People complain because our methods are unfair and most times result in abuse, misuse and misapplication. Areas of agriculture land mobilisation, law and order and basic health and education will fall behind unless we take interest and own these challenges,” Juffa added.

Governor Juffa further expressed Oro people’s gratitude to Prime Minister James Marape and his Government for finally recognising their province.

“The province for the first time since 2012 can stand confident that we are being heard and have the opportunity to participate and have positive inputs into the government agenda on development and progress for the nation and our province.”

He further added that Northern was fortunate that Ijivitari MP Richard Masere and Sohe MP Henry Jones Amuli work closely with his office and the provincial government.

Freddy Mou