Councillor wishes for a sealed road this year

A councillor in the Sirinumu Dam area, outside Port Moresby, hopes the New Year brings to his people better sealed roads.

Avana Korohi, councillor of Ward 11 in the Koiari LLG of Kairuku-Hiri Electorate, knows how much a sealed road means to his people.

His people’s traditional land had been underwater since the 1960s to supply Port Moresby’s water and electricity grid.

The National Government funded road rehabilitation is yet to reach the dam.

 Korohi told Loop PNG, with a fisheries project and now proposal to make Sirinumu dam a tourist attraction for local and international visitors, a better road is important.

During bad weather, his people walk for 3-4 hours to catch a PMV to travel into Port Moresby, stated the councillor.

The Koiari villagers in the surrounding area use motor dinghies to reach the dam catchment area before boarding a PMV to travel to Sogeri and in to the city. 

Charles Yapumi