Council condemns Mt Hagen killing

The ‘horrific’ killing in Mt Hagen has been condemned by the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee of the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council.

A mother, her two daughters and their babysitter were killed in their family home in Western Highlands Province.

The organisation condemned the killing describing it as “horrific and ruthless crime against the nation, its constitution and a crime against the sanctity of family and humanity”.

Coordinator Marcia Kalinoe said this is a horrific and ruthless crime against women and children of this nation.

“It goes against family and Christian values and is very disrespectful to the sanctity of human life.

“A mother’s life and the lives of her two daughters and their babysitter were ended in an extreme and senseless act of violent killing perpetrated by one man.”

Kalinoe further said there is an increasing trend in reported cases of domestic violence-related deaths in PNG and the perpetrators must be penalized fully. 

“Women victims who have lost their lives in their homes at the hands of abusive partners or boyfriends, and the recent murder of women and children are unthinkable acts of manslaughter.

“The recent killing of an entire family is uncalled for and must be condemned at the highest level.”

She is calling on every thinking PNG citizen – from our leaders at the highest offices to all community and Christian leaders – to be more strategic and take bold action towards collectively addressing domestic violence.

She is demanding that the policing and enforcement of the laws, policies and strategies must be implemented to combat domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is not a private matter but an issue of national concern because it affects all. Everyone must stand up and take action and address this.”

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