Cops sacked for using meth/cocaine

Commissioner of Police David Manning said 15 police officers were sacked after they were caught consuming new and emerging illicit drugs – cocaine and methamphetamine (Meth).

Manning said learning from this experience, the police department launched the Drug and Alcohol policy yesterday to implement a drug testing program that will held police officers accountable if they are under the influence of illicit or dangerous drugs.

 “If any police officer (is) found under the influence of drug and alcohol they will be put under disciplinary actions and will be sacked,” he said.

Manning said members of the force are the highest paid government employees in the country, but are making (unwise) decisions, spending their money doing illegal activities.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner of Police NCD/Central Command, Anthony Wagambie Jnr reiterated that the consumption of cocaine and meth is an emerging illegal activity that’s on the rise in the police force.

Loop author