Cops allowed K1000 bail

Seven members of the Task Force team attached at the 6 mile police station who were charged over the murder of a Goilala man have been granted K1000 bail by the National Court.

Chris Wasa, Samuel Ambo, Joshua Pujo, Jack Aino, David Moses, Henry Miri, Asi Rody and Oroha Aroma were allowed bail on Tuesday.

The seven were on official duty, investigating a break and enter incident at Waigani on February 3, when they apprehended the suspect, now deceased, whose death is the subject of the offense they are alleged to have committed.

The 40 year old was apprehended at the Kone Tigers oval the same day between 4-5pm.

He was taken to the Boroko Police Station, allegedly by the officers between 7-8am and later to the Port Moresby General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency department.

It is allege they left the suspect (now deceased) with security guards of the hospital and not medical staff. 

At the hospital, they allegedly told the guards the man was an escapee who was shot by Correctional Service officers.

He had both legs pierced. He was declared dead on arrival.

The officers were arrested on 8 and 12 March.  Their case is now before the Committal court.

They sought bail on grounds of family welfare, their innocence and the lack of direct evidence on the summary of facts document in court that would suggest their involvement in the crime.

Their safety at Bomana, as police officers was brought to the attention of the court, following threats they received from other inmates, on their first mention at the District Court.

The National Court allowed bail for their safety and the fact that having seven locked up at Bomana was “too much” for the institution that is “struggling with space and rations” for inmates.

They were given bail conditions, which includes not leaving NCD until the court deals with their case.

Sally Pokiton