Contractors must be reputable: PM

Prime Minister James Marape has called on the Department of Works (DoW) to engage independent and reputable engineering companies to supervise the sealing of the Mendi-Tari section of the Highlands Highway.

Marape made the call in front of thousands at Margarima Station in Hela during his recent visit. He also presented K30 million to contractors who have already started on the Mendi-Tari project, where over 30km of road has been already sealed.


This section of the road also leads to resource project areas like Kutubu, Moran, Angore, Hides, Juha, Murua and Mt Kare but has never been sealed - despite oil and gas flowing since 1990 and Porgera producing nearby.


The Prime Minister urged contractors to do a professional job and he wants to see machines working on the road.


Marape is also calling on DoW to engage an independent engineering company, preferably from overseas, to check and audit the work of the contractors to ensure they do a good job.


The Prime Minister also announced National Government and Hela Provincial Government commitment to seal the new Hiri-Lai Road, an alternate route to the Mendi-Tari Road, which is in use but yet to be sealed; and complete the Margarima-Kandep Road, which eventually leads on to Mendi in Southern Highlands and Wabag in Enga.

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