Content Plan, way forward for Morobe Province

A final copy of the Morobe Provincial Content Plan 2020-2030 was presented by Governor, Ginson Saonu to Department of Justice & Attorney General Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa recently in Port Moresby.

Speaking during the occasion, Governor Saonu said the Content Plan is a first of its kind document that will guide financial resources mobilization required for the successful implementation of the Morobe Kundu Vision 2048.

“This plan will be the cornerstone for Morobe’s political autonomy, financial autonomy and economic self-reliance,” said Governor Saonu.

He said the document was historical as it contains strategies that enable the province to generate its own revenue to finance the implementation of our development aspirations contained in the Morobe Kundu Vision 2048.

Governor Saonu said although Morobe Province has depended entirely on the National Government and external sources, the province did not usually receive all that they request for.

 “I am proud to state that the Morobe Provincial Content Plan 2020-2030 leads us to look into the province to generate development capital and this in essence means that we are on our way to financial autonomy and self –reliance.”

Meanwhile Justice Secretary Dr Eric Kwa PhD said the Morobe Provincial Content Plan is a very timely document.

“NEC approved the Bill to amend the Constitution to give greater powers to the provinces and is now being prepared to be presented to the floor of Parliament.”

“So Governor Saonu, your vision and dream for your province is now aligned and taking shape,” continued Dr.Kwa.

Dr Kwa said the Morobe Provincial Content Plan will be blueprint and will pave way for other provinces to follow in their endeavor to attain autonomy.

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